Season Survey: Season Eight


Best Actor Roger Delgado. Utterly convincing in his characterisation of the Master complete with signature theme. Subtle and not as deranged as future incarnations. Great costumes & fabulous moustache.
Best Actress Katy Manning. One doctor, one female companion for the first time. And it works. Jo Grant is so likeable despite being a clumsy oaf and such a contrast to Liz Shaw. She screams a bit, but so would I! Her utter belief and loyalty to the Doctor is totally believable.
Best Supporting Male With so many male regulars, there aren’t a lot of other meaty male characters. Most of them are just foils for the Master and get killed off. Jointly go to John Levene and Richard Franklin for an all-round good effort. They’re great in the Daemons!
Best Supporting Female Damaris Hayman. Great casting as a white witch and makes the most of the part.
Best Story The Daemons. Identified by the UNIT ‘family’ as a favourite and it’s a lovely ensemble piece. Looks good. Some good effects shots
Worst Story Colony In Space. Bit hard to care for a load of colonists and mining and dodgy aliens. And Gail off of Coronation Street.
Season Highlight The Master! The whole Doctor & Moriarty thing is an excellent idea and gives us a new level of threat.
Worst Disappointment I like the Mind Of Evil, but it’s the same cliffhanger over and over again.
Oh That’s Really Shit Award! The Master! Just kill the Doctor! How many chances do you have? How many times do you threaten to do it?
Overall Comment Some great stuff in this season. Very colourful with a bunch of regulars … it’s almost a soap opera!



Best Actor: Roger Delgado

What a masterclass in villainy. So beautifully underplayed and sinister. None that follow manage to convey quite this iconic understatement of the Doctor’s greatest foe and it is this portrayal that  ensures the Master just keeps coming back.

Best Actress: Katy Manning

Not a lot of choice for this category anymore as we only really have the one companion and there were very few other recurring female leads, Something to do with the seventies I think. We are about to go on a three season journey with Jo however, and Katy Manning plays her so well and in Mind of Evil she emerges from companion type to intelligent heroine.

Best Supporting Male: John Levene

Not an amazing character, Doctor Summers, but charged with believability thanks to this Doctor Who perennial Michael Sheard. Bernard Holley gets a mention too as Axos, such a haunting voice. Benton has his best season yet though and was brilliant in The Daemons.

Best Supporting Female: Damaris Hayman

What a great character and so brilliantly played. I liked her when I was six and can see why now.

Best Story: The Daemons.

The Mind of Evil is a great exploration into fear and a very chilling tale but it is this quintessential Pertwee story that does it for me. The UNIT family, a sleepy English village, great performances from the regulars and shouty Stephen Thorne.

Worst Story: The Colony in Space

Not awful, but over long. Those big headed aliens still freak me out though.

Season Highlight: The Master

What a creation that still lives on today. How did the show manage for eight years without him?

Biggest Disappointment: The Master’s TARDIS

OK so I know we don’t have much money, but a horse box? It is quite cool when the doors go red and match the exterior in Colony in Space but it is a shame that now we have a working TARDIS we don’t really see it often.

Oh That’s Really Shit Award! : The Master’s Plans

All of them. They are all shit and all the same.

Overall Comment:

We leave Earth for the first time in colour, but generally this is an Earthbound season with some intriguing twists on the alien invasion trope. Axos is particularly inventive and very psychedelic. Most notably though, with the introduction of Roger Delgado, Katy Manning and Richard Franklin this season is the story of the UNIT family.



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