Season Survey: Season 6


Best Actor Well it has to be Patrick Troughton really although noticeably tired by the end. Jamie’s a bit sidelined this season, but he’s still great!
Best Actress Wendy Padbury. Sweet and cute and funny. Love her in the cat suit with her arse sticking out of the TARDIS console.
Best Supporting Male Philip Madoc is amazing as the WARRRRR LORRRRRD. He was so goddam sexy with it too. Shivers up the spine.
Best Supporting Female Gia Kelly. Again not a lot of choice, but love her self-assurance T-Mat knowledge. Rest of the female cast are a bit wimpy or annoying.
Best Story THE WAR GAMES. OK so there’s a lot of padding and being captured and escaping again, but little plot details are revealed as you go along. At the beginning you really think you’re in 1917 and then bit by bit you realise you’re not. The lead cast are great and then the ruddy Time Lords arrive!
Worst Story THE SPACE PIRATES. 6  episodes of not a lot really with a load of characters you don’t give a shit about. Doesn’t help that it’s missing. Maybe with the visuals it might beat THE DOMINATORS, which goes on a bit.
Season Highlight The Time Lords – the mythology begins. Well the build-up is pretty good and when the bloke from Rentaghost gets scared, you wonder what they’re like. Philip Madoc’s ‘They’re coming’ is pretty fearful as is the escape to the TARDIS with the noise. Shame they just stand around a lot (although cool ‘we can make you talk’ staring). And their ‘home planet’ is a bit bland bar the sauna – and why does everyone talk about their home planet and not actually name it?
Worst Disappointment The second ‘regeneration’. After the amazing first one we get Patrick Troughton doing Bohemian Rhapsody whilst gurning and complaining about being giddy.
Oh That’s Really Crap Award! The actual Krotons. Top half great (love the spinny heads), but as soon as they start moving around putting girls in the Dynatrope they look rubbish. And the Gons could have defeated them by simply pushing them over.
Overall Comment Troughton looking tired as he marches through a range of stories of varying quality, but the production team try different things such as The Mind Robber and The Invasion which are very successful. Some good direction at times and lots of visuals!


Season Six Survey:


Best Male Actor: Patrick Troughton


Whether he is playing the fool, confounding those in authority with his bluster or conveying genuine terror, his portrayal of the Doctor through 119 episodes ensured the show would run and run and was the blueprint for many who followed.


Best Female Actor: Wendy Padbury


She starts off badly but gets better. She is the Doctor’s equal and is played consistently well. By the time she leaves the side of the Doctor she has become well rounded and can even fight only to return back to square one and have it all wiped before Donna.


Best Supporting Male Actor: Kevin Stoney


Philip Madoc is outstanding in two stories, Jack May does really well with a strange script and good old Nicholas Courtney as the Brig who steals every scene he is in. Hope we see him again! But The Invasion would fall flat on its face without one of the best villain’s the show has ever seen.


Best Supporting Female Actor: Lisa Daniely


Madeline in The Space Pirates. It’s not a great story but I love her! Sally Faulkner as Isobel in The Invasion is also worth a mention here as is Louise Pajo as frosty, stereotyped woman from the future in Seeds of Death.


Best Story: The War Games


I said it all in the review really.


Worst Story: The Dominators


Even the Space Pirates kept me more entertained than this.


Highlight of the Season:


The big reveal obviously. Possibly the chilling moment when the War Chief acknowledges the Doctor as one of his kind, or the first time we hear the words Time Lord. All of episode ten is a fan’s wet dream.


Biggest Disappointment:


Robert Holmes. Two real turkeys and then he goes on to be one of the greats.


Best Cliff-hanger:


The War Games 9


I would not have slept in the week between this and the next episode.


Oh That is Really Shit Award:


Quite a lot to choose from here, including silicon beings from Birmingham but it goes to the Dulcians. I would rather have tea with the Bandril Ambassador than have anything to do with these pathetic alien’s again.


Overall Season Comment


A real mixed bag in this season. Three really poor stories, you know who you are. One average – even though I love the Seeds of Death I realise it is not one of the greats. Three really diverse but really good other ones. Invasion maybe too long, but I did not get bored. The Mind Robber is just whacky and, well I have said it all about The War Games. The three leads excel throughout the season, and Nicholas came back. I will miss the black and white years.




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