The Mind Robber


‘Oh, it’s not the Tardis going wrong again?’ Jamie

14th September – 10th October 1968

The Time Space Visualiser

The beginning of the story is very reminiscent of The Edge of Destruction and the TARDIS set has been suitably extended. We have not been in this metallic room before I don’t think and it has been sometime since we left the main control room. I think this story was extended by an episode to make up for the removed episode from The Dominators. Was episode one the extra episode?

Fabulous catsuit that Zoe is wearing. Jamie checks the fornicator and there is nothing wrong. Except no one is seeing anything that makes sense on the scanner and the Doctor has said stay in the TARDIS so let’s go out shall we Zoe?

They seem to have landed on the set for Blue Peter but without any couches or shelves of stuffed toys. Such a striking image the white robots. I know they were originally from another show but I remember them from the Weetabix free gift cardboard figures.

The villain of the story is going to great lengths to get the Doctor and one wonders if sending a couple of clockwork soldiers is the best way. He is called the master though! Whoever he is he seems obsessed with literature, 20th Century English literature at that, with a bit of Greek Legend thrown in. Oh and not forgetting a strip cartoon if the year 2,000.

The Doctor makes Jamie’s face all wrong and Jamie returns with a different face. The puzzle also seems to have affected his torso. Fortunately the Doctor gets another go and all is well. The Karkus is very well realised. All butch and super hero – tastic. Then, he fights Zoe and loses.

It is always good when the Doctor is sparing intellectually with the villain. There is plenty of that in this story. ‘Where as you Doctor are ageless. You exist outside the barriers of time and space.’ Bit by bit the legend builds. Six years in and we still know very little about the Doctor. Of course all that is about to change.

The world is tripping on LCD and Doctor Who gives us The Mind Robber! The story moves from bizarre, funny to genuinely creepy with moments such as when Jamie and Zoe try to lure the Doctor into the fake TARDIS. Great design and great direction. This is Doctor Who at its crazy imaginative best.


Unprovoked Angry Retort of the Week

Jamie seems to think he is back in the Highlands, so Zoe slaps him in the face.

Trivial Pursuits

Episode 5 of this story is the shortest regular episode of Doctor Who. It is less than 20 minutes long.

Notable Firsts

The TARDIS exterior is painted another colour.

The console appears outside the control room.

Gulliver is played by Bernard Horsefall making his first of many Doctor Who appearances.

Innuendo Bingo

Episode One seventeen minutes in.

The Doctor: I don’t want to blow the fluid links again.

Cliche Counter

The gloved hand. Which is even better if accompanied by an echoing voice and a maniacal laugh. Shame we don’t really get the laughter. He does have controls and monitors though.

Catchphrase Error of the Week

‘You leave us no alternative.’ Says the Master towards the end of the story’

Everyone knows it’s ‘You leave me only one option!’


The 500 Year Diary

19th September 2068

Something strange just happened, but not sure what? In order to escape the volcano, use the emergency unit and this takes the TARDIS out of reality.

Jamie and Zoe are convinced that they have arrived home. Zoe wanders outside and is followed by Jamie. Both vanish into nothingness, but manage to get them back in. Then the noise starts…

Dreams. Strange dreams. Half remembered things. The TARDIS breaking up. Gulliver. The Master? The Master… surely not?? White robots and toy soldiers.  Jamie but not Jamie. Fiction. The mind robber? Rapunzel. A unicorn. Medusa. The Karkus… what’s that? What does it all mean?

mind rob 4.jpg

The Five Word Lords

Great story, ‘Nothing is impossible.’




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