Season Survey: Season 5


Best Male Actor: Fraser Hines

The character has grown from the second season, and the interplay between the two male leads is truly excellent.

Best Female Actor: Deborah Watling

Well, there wasn’t much to choose from. There are some high spots, and there are some touching scenes. I love her in The Ice Warriors.

Best Supporting Male Actor: Peter Barkworth

Nicholas Courtney can have his go later, Barkworth as Clent is probably one of the best supporting actors in the show since Julian Glover. The performance is consistent throughout and the nuances are beautifully highlighted (or maybe lowlighted) by a high quality actor.

Best Supporting Female Actor: Shirley Cooklin

OK so Kaftan is not the best drawn character we have ever seen but I love a vampish overplayed female villain. You have to wonder if she is an early incarnation of The Rani!

Best Story: The Enemy of the World

A standout, outstanding story. What a find for the 50th Anniversary. A real oddball. Troughton gets to camp it up as the super villain and there is a great twist in the middle of the story.

Worst Story: The Wheel in Space

Not really a bad story, it just up against so many good ones.

Highlight of the Season:

The arrival of Nicholas Courtney. Splendid fellow!

Biggest Disappointment:

David Whittaker, one of the show’s most consistently good writers, goes off the boil completely in Thee Wheel From Space

Best Cliff-hanger:

The Ice Warriors 1

The Ice Warrior slowly returning to life as Jamie and Victoria natter oblivious. What a shame we do not get to see the denouement.

Oh That is Really Crap Award:

The Cybermats in the Wheel in Space are basically just cute!

Overall Season Comment

Well it is all more or less ‘Base Under Siege’ and ‘Monster of the Week’ but the scripts are all consistently high quality. The two male leads are on top form and there are some superb guest actors. Then you have the jewel in the crown. The oddball story that would suit The Avengers more than Doctor Who. Probably the best season so far.


Best Actor Fraser Hines. This category is difficult as it’s clearly going to be the Doctor most of the time, but perhaps use this category to highlight a particular regular. Jamie comes along as some uneducated Scot and manages to work his way to the archetypal companion to the 2nd Doctor. Great interplay between the two and some nice touches (like the holding hands in Tomb).
Best Actress Deborah Watling. I wouldn’t actually choose her, but have no choice really. Mildly annoying and a bit wimpy (especially in the Ice Warriors). However, has a few nice moments when she’s smiling and enjoying the company of the other two.
Best Supporting Male Peter Barkworth. One of a long line of ‘base under siege’ leaders who are twats. However despite being bitter,  obsessed with computers, wearing a bad costume with a limp, he manages to illicit sympathy and a touching performance.
Best Supporting Female Shirley Cooklin. She is fabulous! Proper hamming it up. Good death too! And she is accompanied by a big black man!
Best Story Tomb Of The Cybermen. Was good to actually see Web Of Fear and Enemy Of The World, but think this is a favourite. Love the design and the characters. Cybermats are wicked too! Troughton and Cybermen at their best.
Worst Story The Wheel In Space. Stop trying to be Star Trek. Looks cheap. Cybermen’s plan is a bit contrived and stupid as is their gay spacewalk. And Zoe comes across as an arsehole.
Season Highlight Fury From The Deep’s killer bad breath. Those characters are so scary. Wish we could see more of them!
Worst Disappointment The final confrontation between Salamander and the Doctor. It’s one (very good) shot, but there should have been more. And then it ends so abruptly.
Oh That’s Really Shit Award! Have to say it’s from Tomb – when Toberman is clearly on a wire AND later on when he chucks the dummy Cyberleader.
Overall Comment A great season with Troughton in full flow. More adult in tone and we have the Troughton much favoured ‘base under siege’ stories – well 4 of them. Yeti twice, Cybermen twice, hello Ice Warriors, the Doctor playing a lookylikey & Lethbridge Stewart. More foundations laid for the future!




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