The Web of Fear

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‘Well before you begin this rapturous reunion, there are one or two questions I’d like answered. For a start, is there anyone else down here playing hide and seek?’

Colonel Lethbridge Stewart

3rd February – 9th March 1968

The Time Space Visualiser

The Yeti are back and only three months after we left Tibet, and they seem even cuddlier than the last time.

The legendary Covent Garden sets are really good. It is interesting that the Doctor needs to see the sign before he knows he is in a tube station. Nowadays the Doctor would know straight away he was in the tube. The sets are good and I love the tunnel. The ‘Way Out’ sign is perfect. ‘It’s funny how we keep landing on your Earth!’ I like how time has moved on too. It’s an Armageddon scenario. It is another great twist to see a character from a previous story 40 years on. This time the make-up and performance are quite convincing, and I have to look at the cast list to check it is still Jack Watling. I really like the special web over the closing titles too! A great first episode.

The mystery builds and we are lead to believe it is the TV reporter who is the traitor. This is an obvious red herring so we are left to guess at who it might be when the Brig arrives. Obviously now we know it could not have been him, but I think back then, he would have been my chief suspect. Is it Travers? Surely not. He arrives flanked by Yeti and in possession tells the Doctor he wants his brain. Fortunately he gives him time to think about it. Why do villains always do that?

But it was Arnold all along. ‘Step into the machine Doctor!’ he commands. Is it a machine or a greenhouse? It is not long before the Doctor is surrounded by wires so we know he must be about to thwart the Great Intelligence. Except does he? Jamie gets the controlled Yeti to attack so is that what finishes them off? In all the excitement, no one seems to notice the TV reporter guy, Chorley, is clearly groping Victoria towards the end of episode 6.

A thrilling end to a gripping story. It was tense and will acted and directed. Much better than the prequel.  Again I am delighted that this one was mostly discovered and what a joy to have to only resort to telesnaps for episode 3. A taste of things to come?

web 3

Notable First

UNIT and the Brigadier. What a shame the moment the Doctor and the Brigadier first meet is on the still missing episode. (Yes, I know he is only a Colonel here but I am thinking bigger picture.) Nicholas Courtney is the best Doctor that never was and he is already excellent here. Benton is here too. Well not actually. John Levene is playing a Yeti!

Innuendo Bingo

Episode 1 22:42

Knight: I want that tunnel blown as soon as possible.

Rubbish Hiding Place of the Week

Evans hides behind the tube map! It was worth finding the story just for that moment.

Racist Moment of the Week

Silverstein. He is a curator (!) of a museum that holds the Yeti. However, he seems unable to talk properly and is the worst stereotype of a Jew since Fagin.

Evans. Bumbling 60s Welsh character off of BBC. Almost as good as the one in survivors. Shame he wasn’t called Taff! ‘Stop bleating like a Welsh baa lamb, Evans!’

Lookie Likey

Captain Knight. Or as we know him now, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown!

web 2

The 500 Year Diary

11th September 1968 am

Jamie managed to shut the doors! Thank goodness! Although more strange goings-on with the TARDIS as we appear to be held in space surrounded by a web like substance. The web of fear!

Manage to shake us free and land in Covent Garden underground station, but it’s very quiet. Turns out that London is deserted. The disadvantage of having companions not from the modern times is that they don’t realise day-to-day dangers such as Jamie on the Underground tracks. Thankfully the electricity was off!

We find a power cable, which we follow, Jamie & Victoria following a little way behind me. In the background I hear Victoria scream. That’ll probably be them captured. Oh well.

I arrive at Charing Cross station and see crates of explosives, but – oh my giddy aunt – I hear the sound of a Yeti! What are they doing here? In the Underground – they could be anywhere from Tooting Bec to Perivale! When it’s gone, I investigate the crates now covered in a web like substance, but then they explode and I’m thrown onto the platform…

13th September 1968 am

Bit hazy. Got knocked out, started wandering for a bit. Bumped into some army Colonel chap, Lethbridge-Stewart who captured me. Path of the course really.

13th September 1968 pm

Eventually we bump into Victoria. Professor Travers from Tibet is here! So we’re taken to him and rather than him being suspicious as I was led to believe, he is actually delighted to see me! He’s now working with his daughter, Ann, who seems an intelligent young lady.

I notice the Yeti have changed their design. Ann & Travers are working on one of the spheres and how they could jam transmissions. However, other pressing matters are at hand as the Intelligence is spreading. Suggested that we push a luggage trolley full of explosives down the track at Goodge Street, sealing ourselves in.

It turns out that there is a traitor in our mist – someone is placing Yeti models in particular places to draw the Yeti in. They therefore have intercepted the explosives. I have my suspicions about the journalist Chorley, who’s acting very oddly. Victoria tells him a little bit too much and after being released from the locked common room, Victoria and I go out to find him.

13th September 1968 pm

I think Chorley’s on his way to Covent Garden to find the TARDIS; however, the route is blocked so we take a little detour through Piccadilly.  We come across a web and manage to collect a sample.

As we return to the fortress, we notice that there’s been an attack. Ann’s on the floor and Travers is gone!

Have to let Captain Knight and the Colonel into the fact that we’re time travellers with a time machine. Lethbridge-Stewart doesn’t seem surprised!

Ann wakes up and tells me that her and her father were about to connect the controlling device to the sphere. Driver Evans comes in and gives me one of the model Yeti! In addition, the his tobacco tin which I put the sample in is empty. I have my suspicions about him too.

Whilst the rest of the soldiers go off to do battle with the Yeti, we persuade Knight to accompany me to an electrical store to get the supplies we need to upgrade the controlling unit. A big mistake really, as he is killed by the Yeti who were lured there by one of the models.

Back at the fortress, the Colonel arrives – all his men were killed. While we take this in, I hear that familiar sound. Then the Yeti arrive accompanied by Travers!

13th September 1968 eve

Through Travers, the Great Intelligence tell me they want my mind – my knowledge would be useful – they take Victoria as a hostage. I have 20 minutes to think about it (although why they give me all this time is a bit of a flaw in their plan as I obviously will use the time to plot something). Evans helpfully thinks I should just be handed over so they can all go home – thanks!

Anne and I successfully build a control unit that works at close range on the sphere. We use this to scare Evans… hand me over indeed! We head off into the tunnels and bump into a Yeti who we manage to test our sphere on. It works! We have control of a Yeti.

13th September 1968 night

Decide not to tell anyone about the Yeti. Not sure who we can trust. Give it some orders to go back to the Intelligence, until I need it, although in the subsequent confusion I lose track of which one it is.

I have a plan which needs me to confront the Intelligence. Once I get into the pyramid, I can defeat it once and for all as I’ve adjusted the controls on the helmet given to me.

It turns out that Arnold was the traitor. Just as the procedure is about to start, Jamie orders the controlled Yeti to attack despite me telling them not to all to interfere. Too late. They manage to destroy the Yeti, Arnold and the pyramid without my help! This depresses me as I could have destroyed them forever – all we’ve done is cut off their link in space. Victoria and Ann think I’m a hero which cheers me up until I’m told that might make a television programme about me, I’ll become a household name. Oh dear, I don’t want that. So we make our excuses and head back to the TARDIS, hoping that they don’t start running the trains!


web 5

The Five Word Lords

A great creepy mysterious whodunit.


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