Season Survey: Season 4


Best Actor Patrick Troughton – it’s going to be hard to top him. The programme’s dynamic changes completely and we have a lead man who can walk and talk at  the same time!
Best Actress Anneke Wills – love posh totty Polly. Normally would hate posh people, but she is so nice, pretty and fashionable. However she’s probably fucking Ben – bitch!
Best Supporting Male Robert James – Lesterson in The Power Of The Daleks. Good mad acting. Thought Marius Goring & Joseph Furst a little bit OTT.
Best Supporting Female Hannah Gordon – by default really as there are hardly any women in this season at all.
Best Story The Power Of The Daleks. Difficult this one as most of the season is missing! Like the new Doctor element alongside Daleks, ‘I am your servant’ and Ben & Polly.
Worst Story The Moonbase – controversial really, but a few things

1)      No-one spots a Cyberman in the medical room

2)      The wobbly trolley!

3)      The tea tray!

4)      The way the infected crew member sneaks into the gravitron with no-one noticing

5)      Putting the hat on the wrong way round

Season Highlight The regeneration. Still amazing.

Ben & Polly’s exit quite emotional.

Worst Disappointment William Hartnell’s absence from episode 3 of The Tenth Planet.
Oh That’s Really Crap Award! See above. See also fish people ballet and immobile Macra. And no-one noticing hundreds of teenagers going missing.
Overall Comment Change of lead actor changes the whole tone and format. Nothing really bad here, but as Troughton gets into the role, the production team seem a bit unsure as to where the series is going as they play around with different kinds of stories. I love Ben and Polly – shame Jamie came along!


Best Male Actor: Patrick Troughton

He turned the Doctor into the hero we know today and is a great actor. If you want the fans to be scared of the thing in the rubber suit, make sure the hero looks scared. And he does scared very well.

Best Female Actor: Anneke Wills

It’s been said before, but what a shame so many of her episodes have gone. She is great as Polly and does her best with the character’s limitations.

Best Supporting Male Actor: Marius Goring

Not sure about this one as I love Colin Jeavons and even Joseph Furst. With so many missing episodes, I haven’t really engaged with as many of the characters as in previous seasons. Maxtible is a strange character full of flaws, but the performance is consistent and wins me over.

Best Supporting Female Actor: Pauline Collins

The best companion that never was. Oh, apart from Sara Kingdom of course. Hannah Gordon is worth a mention too.

Best Story: The Evil of the Daleks

Power had fewer plot holes, but this one for me was the winner as the performances from all are so consistent.

Worst Story: The Highlanders

I really could not engage with this story.

Highlight of the Season:

The first regeneration. What a concept.

Biggest Disappointment:

So little of Hartnell in his swan song is a shame, but he was ill I suppose. It has to be another crap farewell to two great companions. They start to get it right after this. A big thumbs down to the BBC for wiping so many episodes.

Best Cliffhanger:

The Tenth Planet 4

What a moment, and how long do you think the week after was?

Oh That is Really Crap Award:

The Macra: Great concept but waving a claw in front of an actor every time the story is about to end does not build the tension.

Overall Season Comment

I suppose the big change in the series with the change in lead actor and the loss of the historicals is what marks this season out. What begins in the War Machines the previous season comes to full fruition as we only go back into the past to tell our Science Fiction stories from now on in. There are some definite wobbles although I am not sure if this is because of the absent episodes. Overall it is great though and the strength of the lead actor ensures quality is retained.


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