The Moonbase

moonbase 1

‘It seems to move so slowly’ Polly

11th February – 4th March 1967

The Memory Cheats

OK, trying to calm down. It may not be a complete story, we haven’t got one of those for a while yet, but it is a DVD for a story. The first one for two months so quite excited. I first watched this story with the missing episodes replaced by rather bizarrely animated talking tele snaps. I quite enjoyed it as I recall. I think it was an early recon for me so a new experience in watching an incomplete story. Also I had not seen much of Ben and Polly back then. It was a bit repetitive from what I can remember but looking forward to it now.

The Time Space Visualiser

I love the new Doctor! He seems to have settled in this new chap. Very good actor. Jamie is dispatched quite early on in episode 1 and spends most of the rest of the story asleep. It’s very tense in episode one and I quite like the animation. The sound quality is excellent too. These are great design for the Cybermen. The movement of the mouth, the fingers and the voice. Also the musical Cybermen theme from ‘The Tenth Planet’ is back and it is fantastic. The cyber-laser is also really good especially for the time.

It is slightly annoying that no one believes Polly about the Cybermen. And then the Cyberman seems to want to kidnap everyone but the TARDIS crew. No one seems to notice the sinister chap with ping pong balls attached to his forehead and he is able to knock out the poor person in the swimming hat. And then . . . he steals the swimming hat!

Let us destroy humanity by poisoning the sugar. A very topical twist for now as sugar is the enemy in our diets, but in this story the only way that humanity can be destroyed is by drinking copious amounts of coffee. Fortunately they drink tons of the stuff. However, it is the Doctor that spots the sugar so perhaps the Cybermen should have poisoned the coffee? I love Cyber – plans!

moonbase 2

Cliché Counter

Count them: base under siege, the doctor is mistaken for another expected visitor, one of the base occupants goes mad, the leader of the base suspects the Doctor is responsible for the evil doing, Polly put the kettle on, (although Ben get sent for coffee too).

Insert the Device

The Gravitron. A very futuristic device to control the weather that uses an analogue tape program, pumps and valves. And you need to wear a swimming hat to operate it! ‘The Gravitron is all yours!’ The control loop monitor and the probe control antennae are also worth a mention.

Innuendo Bingo

Rimberg. Fab name!

Notable Firsts

I believe this is what they call the start of ‘The Monster Era’. After many attempts the producers of Doctor finally mange to bring back a monster to the series, and next we have the Macra!! It is also the first of many trips to the moon.

moonbase 3

The 500 Year Diary

21st March 2070 am

Bit of a bumpy landing, but have ended up on the moon. Enjoyed larking around with Ben, Polly and Jamie until the latter knocks himself out and gets taken into the moonbase that’s there.

Something odd is going on in the base. People randomly keep falling ill. I offer to help. Surprisingly they allow me to get on with it, although rather distrustful. The base’s doctor has been infected and going on about silver hands. He then goes and disappears and unless I find him, I’m being kicked out!

21st March 2070 pm

It’s the Cybermen – well according to Polly. Apparently it can’t be as Hobson states that they were destroyed years ago, every child knows that. Once again we get the blame. Once again Ben wants to leave – he always wants to leave! Where to? I state we must stay, that there are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought.

Luckily my spell studying under Lister puts me in good stead in finding a cure for this virus. Except it doesn’t as despite all my creeping around collecting samples, I find nothing. Have to pretend that I have in order not to be kicked out. Send off Polly to make some coffee for everyone which was rather serendipitous as made me realise that the source of the outbreak was in the sugar! Only the fat ones get ill!

It must be the Cybermen. Hobson says he has checked the base thoroughly – well apart from the sick bay where a pair of silver boots is blatantly obvious. A Cyberman menacingly approaches us all (although I did stifle a laugh as it wobbled off the bed).

21st March 2070 eve

The Cybermen have taken over the base! These ones look different to the ones we encountered on the South Pole – they recognise me too! Their plan – destroy the Earth by using the gravitron. They’ve also taken control of the missing men who now carry out their work until I disrupt the signal. Why? Why not do it themselves. Have a little conversation with myself as I try to work it all out!

As for the graviton controller hats, no I don’t want that hat! Put me off hats forever!

Polly, Ben and Jamie attack the Cybermen and destroy them. They are allergic to nail varnish remover. However, it’s a small victory as a whole army approach us across the surface of the moon.

21st March 2070 night

Resistance is futile, apparently. They’ve blocked communications with the Earth and subsequently destroyed the relief ship by sending off into the Sun. Turns out Evans managed to sneak past us all and take control of the gravitron. We must have all been very busy to not see that!

These Cybermen are coming for us. Firstly by breaking the dome – happily a handy tea tray comes to hand. Then it hit me! Gravity! In the absence of vast amounts of nail varnish remover, we can use the gravitron to deflect the Cybermen’s weapons and even send them off into space. It works and we all have a big moonbase celebration. Hurrah!

As usual we sneak off and for a change want to use the old time scanner to see what’s next. Oh oh…. Crabs!

moonbase 4

The Five Word Lords

Longwinded, nonsensical but great moonwalking!

Artwork: Deviant Art 10kcooper:


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