Season Survey: Season 3


Best Male Actor: Peter Purves

I didn’t really rate him in Doctor Who before this run through but seeing the character of Steven develop as he takes the lead in many of the stories helps me see him in a new light.

Best Female Actor: Jean Marsh

Was she a companion? What a shame she did not last. The character of Sara Kingdom would have been a real departure for the show and she is such a great actress.

Best Supporting Male Actor: Kevin Stoney

Again this is a tough one to call. There are so many other contenders in this season. Nicholas Courtney as Brett Vyon, and good old Michael Gough. Unfortunately the material he gets is not the best. He is a fantastic actor however and this is a master performance. Peter Butterworth triumphs again. Mavic Chen though is a wonderful super villain and Stoney brings his definitive Dr Evil performance to carry this story through its extreme length. (Ooo-err!)

Best Supporting Female Actor: Stephanie Bidmead

Joan Young as Catherine de Midici was good. I also really liked Francis White as Cassandra. A good character, well played. To be honest there are not many great parts for women in these early stories. But Maarga! Now that is my kinda girl. A menacing villain, and we have a newly discovered episode to see her at her best.

Best Story: The War Machines

Looking back at the list of stories from the season the one that stands out is actually The Ark. A bit of a surprise that as it is not a great story. Possibly because I have not seen it before and it is one of the few complete stories. It has a good premise and I like the two for one element.. I think The Myth Makers could be in the running if it still existed. The Master Plan is good as well with some great drama, but there is too much padding. The War Machines is the one that does it though. A new direction from the series, the introduction of Polly, the first story to be completely set on contemporary Earth. It is good to have some location filming too. They would call this a reboot nowadays, and it was the beginning of the Pertwee Era!

Worst Story: The Savages

Possibly due to the lack of existing episodes. I found this ponderous. The ‘goodies are really the baddies ‘ storyline has been done before.

Highlight of the Season:

Polly. A hip companion and a lovely actress!

Biggest Disappointment:

The Celestial Toymaker. The story, not the character. I was really looking forward to this story and in Modern Who at 45 minutes it would be a great story. Great performances and lovely design but too much padding.

Best Cliffhanger:

The War Machines Episode 3

The Hartnell close up just says it all about this actor’s defining characterisation of our hero.

Oh That is Really Crap Award:

 The female companion.  They were all so badly treated as they were killed off, hurriedly written out off screen or just not really thought about at all. The treatment of Dodo is possibly the worst as she is really messed about by the production team!


Best Actor Peter Purves – carries the show at times, especially with William Hartnell seemingly off
Best Actress Maureen O’Brien – really liked the Steven/Vicki team… shame it wasn’t for longer
Best Supporting Male Kevin Stoney – rather fabulous as Mavic Chen. Liked the pencil acting!
Best Supporting Female Stephanie Bidmead – rather fabulous, especially her solliloquay to camera – lost until only last year!
Best Story The War Machines – just notches up a gear & love the episode 3 cliffhanger. Doctor Who is required!
Worst Story The Celestial Toymaker

Difficult to judge this as so many visuals missing but found this quite hard to understand and was left thinking ‘why?’. Some ropey bits in most stories.

Season Highlight The TARDIS landing in 60s London in Fitzroy Square
Worst Disappointment Dodo – the accent, the clothes, the self confidence although she’s ok in The War Machines
Oh That’s Really Shit Award! Dodo not saying goodbye
Overall Comment A real mixed bag of a season with the production team trying out different ideas and flexing the format – some original ideas. Shame most of it missing! The sad thing is that Hartnell seems to be missing a lot. It’s bloody called Doctor Who!

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