The Gunfighters

gunfighters 2

‘They played out the game and we never more shall hear a story the like of the O.K. Corral’ – Singer

30th April – 21st May 1966

The Time Space Visualiser

New Who and after knowing the title of the first episode for around 30 years, I finally get the ‘Holiday for the Doctor’ joke! So Gallifreyens need dentistry just as humans do! Actual Shane Rimmer off of Thunderbirds and next door to Matt and Rich! It is a bit of a Thunderbirds’ fest and I didn’t know this while watching, but later found out that the barman is played by ‘Voice of the Daleks’ David Graham. He was the voice of Brains and Parker on Thunderbirds and came back to voice parker in the updated version. I also do not realise that it is John Alderton playing Earp until I saw his name in the credits.

Dodo plays the piano. She is not sure if she can do it but by the end of the episode she is really tinkling those ivories. Is this the most bizarre cliffhanger ever? Steven singing! The production team is quite proud of the song as it seems to be on every five seconds. Jackie Lane is once more showing her talent for accents. This time she seems to go around the world in eighty seconds!

The story is a cliché ridden Western, as the Doctor notes. The clothes worn by the companions must be from the Doctor’s Cowboys and Indians dressing up box, there is even a fight in the saloon. But it is alright as it is clearly played for laughs. The Doctor is back centre stage again and it is another excellent performance from the lead actor.

Trivial Pursuits

Rex Tucker’s daughter Jane is an extra in this story. She is off of Rod, Jane and Freddie!

Notable Firsts

The first Doctor Who story set in the Wild West. ‘Doctor Who? Precisely!’ Is this the first Doctor Who joke? There have been several references to ‘Doctor Who’ in the show before now, but this is the first proper one in the ‘knock knock’ style.

‘The Ballad of the OK Corral’ is the first song to be written especially for Doctor Who. This happens all the time now but was a rarity in the classic series.

Innuendo Bingo

Episode 1 10:20

Dodo: I’ll have a bash.

The Doctor: there will be no need to have a bash!

Thank Gallifrey for that.

Episode 1 16:48

Barman: I’ve got no pianist.

Episode 4 8:22

Johnny: I’ll Take ’em from behind while you face ’em!

Billy: I never took you for a back shooter, Ringo.

Vital Statistics

161/826 episodes seen. If all of televised Doctor Who so far were one year, it would be 3:32am on the 13th March.

gunfighters 1

The 500 Year Diary

24th October 1881 am

Not sure why the TARDIS lands us in the Wild West to get my tooth fixed – perhaps a holiday for the Doctor? However, it turns out to be a Holliday for the Doctor as find this chap, Doc Holliday, who happens to be a dentist. He offers me ‘a rap on the cranium’ or some alcohol to numb the pain of the tooth extraction… well, I never touch a drop (well, I did have some in Paris recently!).

We introduce ourselves to the local law enforcers – Bat Masterson and Mr. Werp – as Dr Caligari (doctor who they asked? Exactly), Steven Regret (who’s chosen to dress up like Tom Mix) and Dodo DuPont, a bunch of entertainers. Also meet this chap who asks me if am the doc and if I am on holiday. Well, I suppose I am, now this tooth is out.

Make my way to the Last Chance Saloon where can hear Steven singing. I’m assuming Dodo is playing the piano – very good she is too! Looks like our aliases were well chosen.

24th October 1881 pm

As I enter the saloon, Steven is on the piano. He can play the piano too! What a talented bunch of companions! Hope Steven’s safe – don’t shoot the pianist after all!

There appears to be some confusion between me and this Doc Holliday. A gunshot rings out and Seth’s gun is shot out of his hand. It wasn’t me! Anyway, end up being arrested and locked up in the town gaol. Later on, Steven passes a gun through the window and arranges to meet me later – well, a gun is no good to me – I don’t like guns!  I feel it’s better remain safe in the gaol  what with this confusion with Doc Holliday; however, they townsfolk have arrived ready to hang Steven unless I go outside!

25th October 1881

Want to go outside, but am stopped by Werp and Masterson. After a bit of confusion, Steven is released. I’ve had enough of all of this and plan to leave in the morning, once we find Dodo. She’s gone off with Holliday. Wonder what she’s up to?

Stayed in the Saloon overnight, rather than the TARDSS. Fancied a change. Although next morning, find the bartender dead! We meet this Johnny Ringo who accuses Holliday – not sure, he seems a rather threatening man. He takes Steven with him to look for Holliday whereas I go to the gaol and grass up Ringo. It is the right thing to do – there are wanted posters of him everywhere.

26th October 1881

Mr. Werp has made a deputy of Tombstone, but why do people keep giving me guns? I do wish they wouldn’t! Mr. Werp alongside his brother Virgil has decided to exact revenge on the Clantons because of the death of his brother – try to reason with them, but to no avail, especially as there would be no chance against the Clantons and Ringo. Then Holliday arrives – Dodo apparently bought him there at gunpoint. I resign at that point only to be reinstated later to try and convince the Clantons to not meet the Earps and Holliday at the OK Corral. Except, by the time I get there, they’ve gone.

The inevitable carnage ensues with Dodo getting involved, happily unscathed! Decide to keep out of it and once the dust settles, we’re off with Holliday a wanted man. Don’t want anymore confusion!

gunfighters 3

Five Word Lords

Tightly scripted, loosely plotted, underrated.


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