The Myth Makers

myth 1

‘I am from the future. So you see, I don’t have to prophesy, because as far as I’m concerned, the future has already happened.’  – Vicki

16th October – 6th November 1965

The Memory Cheats

About all I have of use to share in foreknowledge of this story is that it gave its name to a series of unlicensed videos throughout the 90s interviewing actors and production team members. They were kind of DVD extras ahead of their time.

There are some stories coming up where I have nothing to share as this is my first contact with the story. I relish these ‘new episodes’ even if they are reconstructions. After this run through, there will be no classic Who that I have not seen in some form or another. Even if episodes are discovered I will have had some knowledge of the story. So I enter the next few seasons with excitement as I am enjoying 60s Doctor Who like I have never done before. However, there is a slight regret that the experience of new classic Who will be a thing of the past.

Of course watching them for the first time if they are discovered will be fantastic and I look forward to Marco Polo particularly!

The Time Space Visualiser

I am quite used to Vicki now and Steven makes a good addition. Watching these episodes all in order helps me get more of a feel for these characters than I have in the past. Especially as so many of these episodes are lost and I have had no contact with them before.

This reconstruction is very poor quality and a bit of a struggle to watch, but it is not long before I am caught up in the drama. I keep hearing names that I feel I should know more about but I didn’t really get into Greek Myths when young. Of course I know Troilus and Cressida and am wondering how Vicki is going to get out of this one.

Once again, Hartnell is outstanding. I particularly like the timey wimey aspect of him rubbishing the Trojan Horse as something Homer made up before realising he will have to use it himself as he can’t get the Greeks to invent flying machines.

All other performances are great too and Vicki gives her best to date. I have warmed to her over the last few serials. Then all of a sudden she has gone. Just as I was getting to like her. And again, let’s marry her off to someone she has just met!

Not the best of the historicals and quite hard to engage in with just telesnaps and sound track. I think the visuals would be quite impressive so this would definitely go up in my estimation if we ever get to see it. Ever hopeful.  Maybe I should read the book.

Catchphrase Error of the Week

‘Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.’ – Agamemnon towards the end of episode 1. Everyone know it’s no no no no no yes!

Notable Firsts

Jack Wiles takes over the production

Innuendo Bingo

Episode 1 18:54

Agamemnon: Do sit down and have a ham bone.

Episode 2 4:19

Cassandra: Ha! You’re not putting THAT in my temple!

myth 2

The 500 Year Diary

2nd September 1184 BC

Arrived and immediately started watching sword fighting on the scanner. After a while, decide to go and intervene which distracted one of the fighters and caused his death at the hands of the other. Oops. The two men were Hector and Achilles from the Greek – Trojan wars.

Anyway, Achilles thinks I am Zeus. Decide to play along. Am prevented from going back into my ‘temple of secrets’ by the arrival of Odysseus who doesn’t believe I’m a god (Barbara never had this trouble). End up marched back to the camp as a spy! Try to convince those there that I am indeed a god by impressing all with my knowledge of history. Start by revealing that Agamemnon’s wife is being unfaithful. Not a nice thing to do, but everyone knew anyway. It’s probably why I get imprisoned, probably lucky I wasn’t killed!

Odysseus brings in Steven (why do my companions continue to insist on leaving the ship?). With a bit of acting I claim not to know him, but using my godly powers I state he is a traveller. I go on to say that he should be killed by me outside my temple… a cunning ruse to escape. However I’m told that my ‘temple’ has disappeared!

3rd September 1184 BC am

Off we go to the plains to see what’s happened to the TARDIS. Looks like it’s been dragged off to Troy. Odysseus continues to go on about being spies and then Menelaus wants me to kill Steven. At that point confess I’m not Zeus, that Steven is my friend and that I’m a time traveller from the future. Equally believable! Although Odysseus does believe it, but rather cleverly wants to use our knowledge to his advantage to get into Troy.

Steven tries to convince me to give them the idea of the Trojan horse. Utter nonsense! Probably some story made up by Homer. Steven goes off to rescue Vicki whilst I have the brilliant idea of flying machines. Yes… I’m a small prophet. Quick return though?

3rd September 1184 BC pm

Decide to carry on with my flying machines idea based on paper aeroplanes, although slightly put off by being told I would be the first to try it out. Odysseus rallies his men to make the machines, but knowing that I would die come up with the wooden horse idea. So it was me all along. I’ve created history. And there I was telling Barbara that you couldn’t change one line of history. This is a bit of a paradox….

They make this horse in remarkably quick time and forced to go inside despite my protestations about fetlocks. This Odysseus character is having none of it. I think the death of a spy i.e. me is on his murderous mind. Anyway, the horse gets taken into Troy. Now to wait till morning. Desperate for the loo.

4th September 1184 BC

Whilst trying to persuade Odysseus to let me out of the horse of destruction, he then reveals that he doesn’t care if Menelaus and Agamemnon die as it’s more loot for him. What an unpleasant fellow!

In all the kerfuffle the next day, manage to elude Odysseus and coincidentally meet up with Vicki or Cressida as she’s calling herself now. We slip inside the TARDIS and she tells me she’s fallen in love with a young man called Troilus. Another myth created. Probably best to get out of here quickly before I start anything else. With an injured Steven and this strange handmaiden called Katerina on board, we depart just as Odysseus arrives probably to do more shouting.

Steven’s badly hurt. This Katerina’s not much good, prophesising her own doom and calling me a god. I hope the ship will take us somewhere I can get help.

I’ll miss Vicki. On reflection, perhaps leaving her in the doomed Troy wasn’t the best idea. And what is it with these girls. Falling in love at the drop of a hat! 

myth 3

The Five Word Lords

Strong performances, a tragic comedy.



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