Mission to the Unknown

mission 1

We at this table pledge our allegiance to the Dalek cause. Our armies will reduce the galaxies to ashes. Their people to dust. And Earth we will conquer first. Victory! Victory!’ –  Malpha

9th October 1965

The Memory Cheats

From the 1973 special and early issues of DWM (or even weekly) this story always held fascination for me as a Dalek only story. What a strange concept. I have seen the recon of this so watching the animation here. Obviously a bizarre and unrepeated experiment born of the days where each of the regulars needed a holiday. The ultimate in ‘Doctor Lite’ story.

The Time Space Visualiser

The dynamic between the three characters from the space ship is horrible. They just shout at each other the whole time. Garvey has clearly gone mad and struts around shouting murderously and the other two shout at each other about who is in charge. Despite this clichéd dramatic device, it is a typically tense Nation story. The Varga Plants are Triffidly inspired sinister monsters.

When the Daleks arrive it must have been a relief to the viewers who may have thought they were watching the wrong show. It is slightly confusing that Malpha sums the Daleks up as their allies from the Solar System. Is Skaro the eleventh planet then?

The story is a fast paced in places and an interesting introduction to the Master Plan.  Just the Myth Makers to get through first.

Vital Statistics

It is Verity Lambert’s final story as producer. What a legend.

Notable Firsts

A diverse looking group of aliens all meet for a conference. How very Peladon of them.

mission 2

Five Word Lords

Also known as ‘Dalek Cutaway’


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