Season Survey: Season 2


Best Actor William Hartnell

Despite the fluffs, there are moments when he’s just brilliant. I love it when goes all a bit manic and laughing!

Best Actress Jacqueline Hill

Again… untouchable really. Loving the cardies!

Best Supporting Male Derek Francis

A great performance. Sadly Ian Thompson’s French resistance Optera wasn’t in the running.

Best Supporting Female Rosalyn De Winter

Not a lot of choice in this season, but she deserves bonus points!

Best Story The Dalek Invasion Of Earth
Worst Story The Space Museum
Season Highlight Hartnell’s goodbye to Susan. I cried!
Worst Disappointment That The Web Planet wasn’t better. Full marks for effort but really really dated now.
Best cliffhanger Bizarrely, The Space Museum 1!
Oh That’s Really Crap Award! The Doctor’s double in The Chase. Indistinguishable from the original. Except it clearly obviously isn’t!


Best Male Actor: William Russell

It has to go to Ian. William plays the dynamic dashing hero for the first two seasons with conviction and humour. He is the all action hero and the perfect action man.

Best Female Actor: Carole Ann Ford

She is the first companion after all and I gave it to Jaqueline Hill last time. Her finest moments are probably mostly in Season 1 but her final scenes are genuinely moving. It is not her fault that the character became a syphon.

Best Supporting Male Actor: Julian Glover.

Tough one this as Peter Butterworth is great as the Monk and Derek Francis is a great Nero. King Richard is played so convincingly and the three dimensional portrayal of not purely the heroic King is the best of the season.

Best Supporting Female Actor: Jean Marsh

A bit obvious this. The scene with her and Julian Glover is one of the best so far in the show and she is just so good. You can see why they got her back so quickly. Ann Tirard as Locusta the poisonor is also worth a mention. You have already suggested Ann Davies as Jenny. I think Alethea Charlton deserves a mention for bringing life to the two dimensional Edith.

Best Story: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Crusade came close but this is six episodes of drama, action and the Slyther. It also establishes the Daleks as chief villains of the show and has some great location footage. The iconic speech from the Doctor at the end is also a powerful and emotional moment.

Worst Story: The Rescue

The Scooby Doo nature of the story, the rushed ending and the fact it introduces Vicki gives this story the rotten tomato! The Web Planet comes close, but we have too much history with this story, and at least it had ambition.

Highlight of the Season:

The return of the Daleks. And what a return! The Dalek emerging from the Thames. The Daleks in London.

Biggest Disappointment:

The return of the Daleks, again, in The Chase! The story has its highlights, but the episode with Dracula and Frankenstein is cringing and the Daleks are pointless bumbling idiots.

Best Cliffhanger:

A Battle of Wits – The Time Meddler Episode 3.

It obviously does not have the same impact as it would have done back then. But I have already mentioned the Dalek coming out of the Thames. The Dalek coming out of the sand, while good, is a kind of copycat. This revelation must have been a genuine shock, and a talking point for the whole week.

Oh That is Really Crap Award:

Barbara walking to the pit of acid in The Web Planet and the changing direction at the last moment. Enough said!




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