Season Survey: Season 1


Best Male Actor: William Hartnell

After much debate. William Russell is great but Hartnell has won me over more and more with this run through and the Reign of Terror is his finest hour so far.

Best Female Actor: Jaqueline Hill

What a star! She is glam and sexy and so right for the part. Carole Ann Ford had her moments in episode 1 and in ‘The Sensorites’ but unfortunately her character never develops enough depth and she just becomes annoying.

Best Supporting Male Actor: Mark Eden

John Ringham as Tlotoxl is also great. Peter Glaze a close third.

Best Supporting Female Actor: Ilona Rogers

Katharine Schofield is also worthy of mention as Sabetha in ‘Keys’ but Carol in the Sensorites is the best. If only because she has a new hairdo every week! She was in Sons and Daughters as well!

Best Story: The Aztecs

Would have always said The Daleks until now, but The Aztecs kept me gripped from beginning to end and was very well paced.

Worst Story: Edge of Destruction

What a waste of time! I am not sure I will ever be able to bring myself to watch this one again. Thankfully it was only two episodes. Great speech from the Doctor though. That scene where they all lose it at the Play School clock still makes me laugh.  Marco Polo was also quite heavy going in parts but I have gone easy on it as it probably would be better if we could see it properly. Maybe one day.

Highlight of the Season:

Obviously The Unearthly Child has to get a mention in this survey. Possibly one of the most important and thrilling 25 minutes in the history of television. 

Biggest Disappointment:

Episodes 2 to 3. How the show survived this anti-climax is a miracle. Susan was a let down too but I have mentioned that already.


Best Actor William Russell.

Think he was pretty solid throughout whereas Hartnell seems to develop in characterisation and confidence throughout. Both are great there!

Best Actress Jacqueline Hill.

Barbara is fab! The Dalek cliffhanger – amazing! And when she’s not there the rest of the cast can’t stop mentioning her!

Best Supporting Male John Ringham

Suitably menacing and convincing.

Best Supporting Female Margot Van Der Burgh

Flirty harlot! Some charming scenes. Brings the best out of Hartnell.

Best Story The Aztecs

It’s always never really excited me, but watching it in context makes it stand out!

Worst Story The Sensorites

Some of this was just silly (as were bits of the Keys Of Marinus)

Season Highlight The first episode!
Worst Disappointment 6 pointless weeks looking for the Keys Of Marinus
Best cliffhanger The Dead Planet Episode 1
Oh That’s Really Crap Award! Yartek’s disguise as Arbitan
Overall Comment Considering this is something new and original, the production team get it right throughout with a balance of historicals and sci-fi. A strong cast with good character development. Clearly there is more confidence with the historicals as at times the plotting is a bit contrived in the sci-fis, but overall very enjoyable!

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