Let’s start at the very beginning . . .

One year ago on the 23rd November 2013, we embarked upon a journey through every televised story of Doctor Who. For the 30th anniversary we did the same thing. Spencer did it far more religiously, listening to the soundtracks of the missing adventures. There were some unreleased adventures though. Paul only watched the released episodes, and it took him ten years. Spencer a lot quicker.

This time round we are both watching every story, enjoying every story. The missing episodes, fewer in number now, through reconstructions and audio. History is repeating itself in that Spencer approaches the end of the Troughton Era while Paul has just started the Moonbase.

Join us on our journey and read with us for the first time every entry in the Doctor’s 500 Year Diary. Spencer happily discovered this book and we will re print it fully in this blog cross referenced with what we believe are the relevant televised adventures.

This blog originated as a series of emails between the two of us. We have tried to edit out a lot of the references that are in in-jokes between us but please forgive any that slip through the net.


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